Clubs & Societies

Phoenicia University’s diverse and student-driven clubs and societies cover a wide range of interests and academic disciplines, ensuring that every student can find a community that resonates with their passions.

At PU, we understand that every student is unique, and so are their interests. That's why we encourage a wide array of clubs, each highlighting different talents and various hobbies. Whether you're a science enthusiast, an artist, a budding entrepreneur, or simply eager to explore new horizons, you'll find a club that speaks to you.

Our societies are designed to align with the academic majors we offer. This connection provides students with a valuable opportunity to engage in discussions that will deepen their understanding of their field of study.

Clubs and Societies Day:

Every year, PU hosts a Clubs and Societies Day", a special event that brings our entire campus community together where new and existing students explore club booths, participate in exciting activities, and sign up for the clubs that resonate with their interests.

Student-Led Initiatives:

We empower our students to take the lead by encouraging them to create new clubs, host events, and participate in activities that ignite their enthusiasm. Whether it's organizing charity fundraisers, academic debates, or creative showcases, our students have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact beyond the classroom.

Student Affairs Office Support:

Our Student Affairs Office is always available to assist and guide students in forming clubs, inquiring about joining existing ones, or hosting events. The S.A. office encourages extracurricular activities that will help build skills and memories that will last a lifetime.

At PU, we believe that clubs and societies are not just extracurricular activities but vital spaces for personal growth, skill development, and building lasting friendships. We encourage every student to explore the multitude of options available, engage in exciting experiences, and seize the opportunity to shape their university journey.