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Global Outreach and International Affairs

As an internationalized and a globally connected higher education institute, Phoenicia University is committed towards internationalizing the curriculum, internationalizing students’ experiences, and prompting their global citizenship. The Global Outreach and International Affairs (GOIA) Office contributes towards such a commitment through building, strengthening, and sustaining international relationships with higher education institutes across the globe. Such international relationships and agreements are of immense benefit to our PU community: students, faculty, and staff.

The GOIA Office oversees internationalization transactions and agreements, ensuring that the PU community and partner universities are fully supported with their queries and requests. The office helps PU students internationalize their experiences and develop their global citizenship capabilities through supporting student mobility and transnational education: exchange programs, summer sessions, and postgraduate opportunities abroad. Additionally, the office closely works with the colleges to support them in internationalizing their curricula and identifying international opportunities for collaboration and research worldwide.