PU Entrance Assessment

All candidates wishing to enroll at PU are required to sit for the PU Entrance Assessment which tests for proficiency in various subjects depending on the majors chosen.

Required PU Entrance Assessment / Major 

College Major English Engineering Math Business Math Biology Chemistry General Knowledge Arabic Exam
College of Arts & Sciences Communication & Social Media x   x      
Computer Science x x        
Freshman x   x      
College of Business Accounting & Finance x   x      
Marketing & Entrepreneurship x   x      
Operations & Human Capital Management x   x      
College of Engineering Petroleum Engineering x x        
Civil & Environmental Engineering x x        
Mechanical Engineering x x        
Electrical & communication Engineering x x        
College of Law Law x         x
College of Public Health Speech Therapy x   x x    
Public Health x   x x x  
Nursing x   x x x  
College of Architecture and Design Architecture x x        



Topics Covered in the PU Entrance Assessment:

Areas/Skills Assessed in the PU English Placement Test

Topics Covered in the Engineering Math Entrance Assessment

Topics Covered in the Business Math Entrance Assessment

Topics Covered in the Biology Entrance Assessment

Topics Covered in the Chemistry Entrance Assessment


FALL 2022/2023
PU Entrance Assessment   Date Time
PU Entrance Assessment 01 May 10,2022 08:30a.m
PU Entrance Assessment 02 May 12,2022 08:30a.m
PU Entrance Assessment 03 May 19,2022 08:30a.m
PU Entrance Assessment 04 May 24,2022 08:30a.m
PU Entrance Assessment 05 May 26,2022 08:30a.m