“I can confidently say that my internship at MBC has been a fruitful and
      rewarding experience. I was engaged in substantive work that required
      a lot of interpersonal communication, and I gained new skills on
      professional  and personal levels. This internship has also given me
      valuable work experience whilst complementing my academic interests.
      The chance to be an intern there was a privilege. I am very grateful to
      the Career Center and thankful for their dedication, support, and
      continuous help as they are the main reason I have been placed at
                                              such a well-respected institution.”
                                              - Hiba Shaito
                                               Communication and Social Media Student
     “PU’s Transportation system made it very easy for me to commute to
      campus especially that I live an hour away.”
     - Joud Hashem
       Petroleum Engineering Student
   “Phoenicia University Career Center has given me the opportunity
    to use my summer break effectively by receiving professional training
    at Khatib & Alami Company. It has allowed me to discover more about
    the engineering field. During my internship, I was able to apply academic
    theories in real-life settings. Thanks to the Career Center and Khatib
    & Alami Company, I have developed valuable engineering skills and have
    become more appreciative of the value of teamwork.”   
                                           - Rola Ibrahim
                                            Civil Engineering Student
   “The Career Center at PU is giving the students a great
    opportunity by preparing them for the job market and
    helping them to get internships in some of the best
    companies in Lebanon. By providing training sessions
    for resume writing, offering a workshop about workplace
   etiquette, and taking care of the internship application
   process, they have helped me land an internship at
   Murex Systems, one of the leading companies in the
                                           domain of financial software.  Interns at Murex are
                                           treated just like any other employees and are given
                                           real work-related problems to solve. That’s why the
                                           job was challenging, fun, and has given me a lot of
                                           practical experience in the domain of software engineering.
                                           Through the mentoring provided by Murex team, I have gained
                                           a wealth of knowledge about software development, and I was
                                           able to grow both my professional and technical skills.”
                                          - Bassel Cheaib
                                            Computer Science Student
    “My teammates and I resort to playing basketball to let off some
     steam after a long day of studying. During practice, Coach Mohamad
     Ibrahim helps us focus our energies and teaches us to better cooperate
     with one another so that our performance improves and we would be able
     to achieve great results.”
     - Jad Hammoud
      Mechanical Engineering Student
    “My second year of living in the dorms has not only given me an opportunity
     to create life-long friendships but also a chance to improve my academic
     skills. The fact that I can dedicate my week studying and then go back
     home during the weekend to spend quality time with my family in Beirut is
     an amazing experience.”
     - Sarah Hamadi
      Speech Therapy Student
    “Whenever I feel down, all I have to do is go up the stairs on to the campus.
     The greenery and the fresh air can make wonders in relieving stress.”
     - Ali Nehme
       Electrical & Communication Engineering Student




    “Hard work should be rewarded with food. We can reenergize our minds
     by visiting the cafeteria that has mouth-watering meals and delightful
     snacks. Good food. Good friends. Good times!”


     - Mohammed Saeed
       Electrical & Communication Engineering Student



    “It’s never too late to pursue your dreams. I had the great opportunity to
     interview Georges Khabbaz when he visited Phoenicia University.
     Meeting such a remarkable artist has made me look forward to a
     professional career in communication. As such, each one of us should
     hold on tight to every opportunity that may change his/her life to the best.”


     - Lena Khalil
                                               Communication & Social Media Student



    “Joining the girls’ basketball team at Phoenicia University has given me
     the chance to practice the sport I’m passionate about. Being part of the
     team alongside talented ladies is an outstanding experience that has
     enriched my university life on so many levels.”


    - Nadia Demachk
      Petroleum Engineering Student



    “After I finish my classes, I always find myself heading to the library, one of
     many facilities provided by the University. It’s where I become a seeker,
     someone starving for knowledge.”


    - Mohammad Mahdi Nehme
       Mechanical Engineering Student




    “The students’ lounge is a great place to relax, study, and most importantly
     spend great time with close friends. It’s my favorite spot on campus!”


    - Ali Hayek
       Mechanical Engineering Student




    “It was a great pleasure to interview the distinguished Lebanese media
     figure Mr. Zahi Wehbi last spring. I’m very grateful to have had a role in
     organizing and  hosting an event that honored such an impressive person.”


    - Yehya Ayyad
       Business Student


     I joined PU because of its high quality education and its engaging
      students’ life on campus. I was mostly interested in the availability of
      different clubs and societies which allows students to communicate and
      interact with each other.

    - Edmond Salloum
      Mechanical Engineering Student


     PU is the perfect place to fulfill your aspirations in life.
      It offers opportunities to express, learn, gain experience and
      develop personal and professional skills.”

    - Lara Dbouk
      Speech Therapy Student


     At PU, it’s really “life” on campus.
      We are given the chance to get involved, act, participate, express,
      and most importantly develop our character!


    - Mahmoud Hashoush 
      Public Health Student


     Phoenicia University offers me essential requirements, such as
      sports facilities and equipment, to meet my fitness needs and
      keep an active lifestyle.These facilities include a gym, a basketball and
      a volleyball court, in addition to a full-functional soccer pitch.”


    - Mohamad Mansour
      Freshman Student


    I initially joined PU to pursue my higher education and obtain a degree.
      Little did I know that I will become an active member of the PU community,
      where peer support is honored and open discussions are encouraged.
      Put simply, PU is home.”


    - Mustafa Ghaddar
      Petroleum Engineering Student

    We never get bored on campus.
     There are always events and fun stuff happening all year round.”



    - Rita Al Khayat
      Law Student


     “I think PU is unique in the sense that it offers an unprecedented forum of
      interaction between professors and their students, in which the 
     are able to converse with the professors and cultivate friendships.”

    - Bernard Safi
      Petroleum Engineering Student
     “PU is not only offering me high quality education but also an affordable
      fees with an amazing campus, and welcoming atmosphere.
      It makes it the ultimate place not only for a great experience but for an
      unforgettable journey.”

    - Jana Shibli

      Petroleum Engineering Student



     “I like the campus over here. It is well-designed and attractive.
      In addition, the teaching methodology in Architecture allows us
      to get along with our instructors and benefit from their expertise.”
     - Mohammad Shukini
       Architecture Student

     “PU dorms has given me the full university experience.
      The day and night staff are so friendly, and everything
      is very convenient friends became family,
      giving me the feeling of home. ”

     - Kawthar Suleiman
       Law Student
     “I am majoring in Computer Sciences at PU. It is a lively university with
      cooperative instructors. I feel that studying here will not only help me
      land numerous jobs, but the student-life experience will also allow me cope
      with any challenges I may face.”

     - Hassan Ibrahim

      Computer Science Student



     “In only a short period of time, I managed to make many friends.
      Those friends are like my family now.”
     - Mira Abo Khalil
       Business Student

     “It is a place where top education and social life meet!”
     - Marie Makhoul
      Civil Engineering Student