Nour Chahine

“Studying communication and social media at PU has been an incredible journey for me. I've learned how to navigate the digital landscape, from crafting engaging content to building a strong online presence. The hands-on experience and industry insights that our instructors provide us with are invaluable! I am beyond excited to graduate armed with the skillsets for excellence.”

 Bassam Manana

Unity on the field, strength in our hearts, and victory in our grasp! In PU’s football team, we are not only teammates, we are a family. #PUproud

 Dana Dabbous

“Phoenicia University has equipped me with the skills and confidence to pursue my dreams. I'm grateful for this invaluable journey of learning and self-discovery.”

 Tia Mokalled

“As a member of the PU Female Basketball Team, being part of a very inspiring and dedicated team has been a dream! Having a coach who not only trains but builds our confidence and skills, while attending a university that provides us with all the facilities needed to support our passions has turned my hobby into a talent.”

Toufic Youssef

“Living on Campus in PU’s dormitories has been the best experience I could have asked for. We enter our dorms without really knowing what to expect and end up blessed with a second home and friends who feel like family.”

 Mohamad Younes

“As I’m getting closer to finishing my law degree at Phoenicia University, I keep getting surprised by the amount of skills, knowledge, and extracurricular activities that every course holds within. The university has given me numerous experiences that have sculpted my character, strengthened my personality, and enhanced my skills. As a previous participant in the Oxford Price Media Moot Competition and the President of the Law Society, I can wholeheartedly say that Phoenicia University played the biggest role in shaping me into a person who feels ready to step into a successful career.”