Welcome Message

As the president of Phoenicia University (PU), I am delighted to welcome you and invite you to join me in becoming an influential part of our community. I would like to take a moment to address our faculty, staff, students, parents, school directors, and advisors.

First, I would like to thank you for your interest in joining Phoenicia University. It is natural for any prospective student of PU to have several questions and concerns. With this in mind, our student orientation programs have been designed to provide you with information about our campus, resources, programs, degrees, and services. When you attend these programs you will find out more about our university, our colleges and majors, our curriculum, opportunities for financial aid and scholarships, and student life on our beautiful campus. By the time you leave orientation, I hope you’ll be on your way to becoming an integral part of our student body. During the orientation program you will begin to build a network of resources that will help you begin your journey to a successful future on the right track. Our faculty, staff, and associates will be around to answer your questions.

Second, I call upon all of you to assist me in whatever ways you can to make PU the “University of Choice”. Together we will lead this institution in fulfilling its ambitious goals. I am confident that Phoenicia University will become one of the top teaching and research universities in the region, and an institution serving the needs of Lebanon, the Middle East, and the world.

To become a leader in higher education and to stay at the leading edge, PU will promote a culture that encourages the full participation of all members of our community. Phoenicia University will be a place where intercultural skills and interdisciplinary programs are developed. Our commitment to diversity is very strong. This commitment is reflected in the wide range of courses, programs, services, and policies that help us attract and retain excellent faculty, committed students and staff who bring very rich experiences, perspectives and interests to our campus.

We will grow and evolve to keep our academic and continuing education programs in alignment with the needs of our economy and business community. We will achieve this by adopting and promoting innovative teaching, cutting edge research, open communication, transparency, social responsibility, and diversity of faculty, staff and students.

At PU, we also believe in the power of entrepreneurship and innovation. We have created a center for Entrepreneurship and Family Business to help and support the business community and to create opportunities for small businesses to grow. I encourage all of you to take advantage of what this center will offer.

PU will be home to a world-class faculty, dedicated staff and students driven to succeed. I invite you to visit and explore our campus to see just how rewarding the PU experience can be. I look forward to meeting you in person.

- Imad Zbib, Ph.D. 
To contact the Office of the President, please send an email to: president@pu.edu.lb