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Laboratory and Computing Facilities


Our state-of-the-art laboratory and computing facilities at Phoenicia University are equipped with the latest technology and tools, providing students with hands-on experience and advanced research capabilities. These resources support a wide range of academic disciplines, fostering innovation and excellence in education.

Advanced Computer Laboratory

Phoenicia University, Block B on the ground floor

The Advanced Computer Laboratory features twenty-two high-tech PCs including instructors’ PC. Each PC is equipped with a 24” full HD LCD monitor and headphones.

Chemistry Laboratory

Phoenicia University, Block B, Room 212

The Chemistry Laboratory aids in transferring the materials students learn in class to real work practice. It is equipped with high-tech appliances to facilitate students’ practical course work. 

Computer Laboratories

Phoenicia University, Block A, Rooms 108 and 109

The computer laboratories are used to provide a comprehensive understanding of various computer science and engineering concepts and technologies.

Cyber-Chair Drilling Simulator

Phoenicia University,

The state-of-the-art Cyber Chair Drilling Simulator is the first of its kind in the region in terms of installations and technological advancements.

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Phoenicia University, Block B, Room 303

The Fluid Mechanics Laboratory is equipped with high-tech instruments, enabling students to conduct experiments that demonstrate essential fluid mechanics principles.

Materials Testing Laboratory

Phoenicia University, Block B, Room 201

The Materials Testing Laboratory is focused on refining experimental techniques to enhance the learning experience with new materials, demonstrating how a material's history...

Petroleum Engineering Laboratory

Phoenicia University, Block B, Room 301

The Petroleum Engineering Laboratory consists of two facilities: The Petroleum Fluid Properties Facility and The Reservoir Rock Facility.