Announcement of 2023-2024 Club/Society Leaders

We are excited to announce the new leaders of our various Clubs and Societies. These dedicated individuals will play a crucial role in fostering an engaging and enriching campus experience for all of us.

Club/Society: Architecture Society

  • President: Ali Khalil
  • Vice President /Secretary : Hussein Dhainy  
  • Treasurer : Ahmad Mohsen  
  • Public Relations Officer: Fatima Hammam
  • Social Media Representative: Fatima Merie   

Club/Society: ASCE

  • President: Maysam Kobeissi
  • Vice President: Khalil Haidar
  • Corresponding secretary: Ghadir Awada
  • Treasurer: Kassem Shoukini
  • Logistics director: Jana Fakih
  • Recording secretary: Hasan Fakhoury

Club/Society: ASME

  • President: Mohamad Swaidan
  • Vice President: Aya Ataya
  • Treasurer: Ali Jaber
  • Secretary: Yehya Abbas
  • Media and Design: Khadija Ramadan

Club/Society: Al Risala Club

  • President: Ahmad Abbas
  • Vice President/Secretary: Bassel Abbas
  • Treasurer: Baker Alawieh
  • Public Relations Officer: Hassan Nasser
  • Social Media Representative: Hussein Dhaini

Club/Society: Business Society

  • President: Kassem Salman
  • Vice President/Secretary: Ali Shahen
  • Treasurer: Douaa Berjawi
  • Public Relations Officer: Batoul Saleh
  • Social Media Representative: Ali Abbas

Club/Society: Communication and Social Media Society

  • President: Hawraa Khreis
  • Vice President/Secretary: Ahlam Mouazin
  • Treasurer: Nadine Haidar
  • Public Relations Officer: Zeinab N Noureddine
  • Social Media Representative: Hiam H Jaafar

Club/Society: Computer Science Society

  • President: Marwa Zeineddine
  • Vice President /Secretary: Mahdi Fakih
  • Treasurer: Ali Hamdan         
  • Public Relations Officer: Zainab Zayyat       
  • Social Media Representative: Abbas A Hamadi        

Club/Society: Dorms Society

  • President: Zahraa Boustani
  • Vice President/Secretary: Zeinab Ibrahim
  • Treasurer: Zahraa Sleiman
  • Public Relations Officer: Rawan Harb
  • Social Media Representative: Ayat Yassine

Club/Society: IEEE

  • President: Nour W Dagher
  • Vice President: Abdallah Makke
  • Treasurer: Bilal Melhem
  • Technical and Event Coordinator: Hassan Nasser
  • Secretary: Marwa Zeineddine
  • Web Master: Khadija Moussa

Club/Society: Law Society

  • President: Mohammad Youness
  • Vice President/Secretary: Kareem Hassan
  • Treasurer: Ibrahim Sheiab
  • Public Relations Officer: Dana Dabbous
  • Social Media Representative: Ghida Abou Hashem

Club/Society: Lebanese Cultural Club

  • President: Mahmoud Youness
  • Vice President/Secretary: Zainab Tormos
  • Treasurer: Zahraa Abboud
  • Public Relations Officer: Saeed Khrayzat
  • Social Media Representative: Ahmad Fahes

Club/Society: Music Club

  • President: Hala Abdallah
  • Vice President/Secretary: Ali Haidar
  • Treasurer: Bassil Adawi
  • Public Relations Officer: Aya Hemadi
  • Social Media Representative: Jad Sbeity

Club/Society: Public Health Society

  • President: Fatima Damen
  • Vice President/Secretary: Zahraa Fahes
  • Treasurer: Fatima Noureddine
  • Public Relations Officer: Nada Osseily
  • Social Media Representative: Ayah Alaouie

Club/Society: Recreational Club

  • President: Ali Kdouh
  • Vice President/Secretary: Alice Kdouh
  • Treasurer: Ameen Balaghi
  • Public Relations Officer: Saja Kdouh
  • Social Media Representative: Zeinab Qassem

Club/Society: SPE

  • President: Nader Hashem
  • Vice President: Noor Natasha Basma
  • Secretary: Abbass Hayek
  • Treasurer: Wadih Hourani
  • Communications and Outreach Chairperson: Zainab Hamze
  • Member Chairperson: Mohammad Shoughri

Club/Society: Speech Therapy Society

  • President: Yara R Mdeihly
  • Vice President /Secretary: Aya N Moussa    
  • Treasurer :Kassem Aydibi
  • Public Relations Officer: Aya Diab   
  • Social Media Representative: Fatima H Khalifeh

Club/Society: We Connect Club

  • President: Linda Hoteit
  • Vice President/Secretary: Zaynab Khalifeh
  • Treasurer: Mahdi Najem
  • Public Relations Officer: Reina Shaker
  • Social Media Representative: Ali Harb

Club/Society: Women Empowerment Club

  • President: Lama T Koubeissi
  • Vice President /Secretary : Ranim T Hashoush        
  • Treasurer : Leah H Najm
  • Public Relations Officer: Reine Tabaja
  • Social Media Representative: Diana H Shoughri

Club/Society: Writing/Reading Club

  • President: Fatima Noureddine
  • Vice President/Secretary: Fatima Jaber
  • Treasurer: Moussa Hamdan
  • Public Relations Officer: Amiir Issa
  • Social Media Representative: Ahlam Moaazen