The Center for Continuing Education at Phoenicia University offers workshops in a range of areas, personalized to the personal and professional needs of people of all educational and professional levels. The CCE offers the following workshops:

Standard workshops (open-enrollment)
Open-enrollment workshops and seminars seek to engage people in an interactive, skill-based learning experiences to increase their professional development. They are designed to develop the skills and knowledge needed in most popular topics in today's business environment.

Workshop Topics
Portfolio Management, Introduction to Creative Writing and Poetry, Leadership Skills, Customer Relationship Management, Strategic Leadership, Auditing, Finance for non-Financials, Best Practices in HR, Report Writing Skills, Business Protocol and Etiquette, Teacher Training, Team Building Skills, Communication Skills, Time Management, Customer Care, Brand Management, Supervisory Skills, Planning Skills, People Management, Crisis Management, Creative Thinking and Decision Making, Change Management, Innovation, etc….

Customized workshops
Customized workshops are customized for corporate clients and educational institutions in Lebanon and the Region. Corporations can customize the workshop depending on a need-assessment report.