Undergraduate Degrees

The CAS offers Bachelor of Arts (BA) in the following major:

  • Communication and Social Media

In the age of information revolution, communication plays a very significant role in society. At PU, the approach to communication is interdisciplinary, seeking to create professionals who can critically engage with the various dimensions of communication. The curriculum combines theoretical with applied courses, and emphasizes analytical and writing skills, creativity, and digital and media literacy. A BA degree in communication prepares students to become effective communicators and media professionals who can occupy a variety of positions in the media industry including broadcasting and print journalism, public relations, advertising and marketing, media strategic planning and policy, and political campaigns. The communication degree encompasses national, regional and global perspectives, and aims to develop students’ research skills as well as their digital media skills which also require competence in information technology.

The College offers Bachelor of Sciences (BS) in the following major:

  • Informatics/Computer Science

As information technology has become as essential part of various fields of work such as arts, business, education, government, health, and sciences, specialists in informatics are needed everywhere. A BS in informatics not only prepares students to design and build appropriate systems of computer software and information technology (IT), but it also develops their ability to apply technology to solve real complex problems. Besides developing new uses of information technology, graduates in informatics can address the multiple issues surrounding IT design, including the impact of alternative solutions and of implementing those solutions. More broadly, informatics graduates are also effective communicators and team players, skills that make them highly sought-after in both local and global job markets.