Undergraduate Degree

The College of Public Health offers the following degrees:

  • Public Health 

The BS in Public Health at Phoenicia University introduces students to global health issues, such as health disparities, emerging infectious diseases, chronic diseases, communication in healthcare, and modes of health care delivery in private and public healthcare systems. This program equips undergraduates with knowledge of the effects of genetics, nutrition, and society on health and disease.

Additionally, this degree prepares students for a career that combines nutrition, health promotion and education with communications and project management. It can also be the initial step on the path of graduate studies in public health or other health related professions.  Graduates of the public health program commits to promote the health and well-being of communities and to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and environmental issues across the lifespan and throughout rural, urban, and unprivileged societies.

  • Speech Therapy

The BA in Speech Therapy provides professional and clinical training in addition to academic study to prepare students to become speech and language therapists. This degree has been designed to enable students to develop the core theoretical and experimental knowledge as well as the specialist clinical skills required by the speech and language therapy profession and the necessary academic study to meet the aims of a higher education qualification.

PU’s Speech Therapy BA program is benchmarked against the best international programs offered in top ranked universities worldwide. Phoenicia University offers this degree in order to meet the Lebanese and regional markets’ strong needs and to fill the gaps through graduating highly educated and trained speech therapists. 

  • Nursing

The nursing program at Phoenicia University is designed to be one of the top programs in nursing education, research, practice, and service. The BS in Nursing equips students with the necessary tools and resources to develop their skills, competencies, and knowledge to achieve quality nursing education in a multidisciplinary approach. This program ensures that students attain an outstanding level of education and acquire a wide range of key skills to handle the workplace environment and promote the healthcare and the wellbeing of the community.

The program integrates theory and practice with a heavy emphasis on clinical-based learning and training in various settings such as nursing care of adults, children and families, elderly, and clients with mental health problems. Students in the nursing program are equipped to become professional nurses with the highest standards of preparation.