Student Learning Outcomes

• SLO1. Attain knowledge of the different component fields of business administration, including management, marketing, accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, operations, human resources, among others.

• SLO2. Acquire the ability (and confidence) to deal with complex real-world problems, identify business opportunities, and rely on different entrepreneurial and creative competencies.

• SLO3. Be able to evaluate businesses, read financial statements, and assess different market opportunities and situations.

• SLO4. Learn about the business environment and its notable players and trends, while developing a critical perspective and an insightful understanding.

• SLO5. Improve their verbal and written communication skills, and gain the ability to communicate effectively and professionally in different settings.

• SLO6. Go through a rigorous program that includes numerous presentations, projects, and business planning exercises. In addition to subject-matter knowledge, this will develop essential problem-solving, leadership, teamwork, and general professional skills.

• SLO7. Understand the different ethical, social, and cultural implications of markets, and of the practice of management.