Student Code of Conduct


This policy sets out key principles underpinning the relationship between students and Phoenicia University. The policy aligns with the University's values in making certain that the rights and responsibilities of both the students and the University are acknowledged and respected.

University Commitment

  • PU is strongly committed to providing a safe, diverse, inclusive, friendly, discrimination-free, and harassment-free environment for all students, staff, faculty members, and the entire University community.
  • PU is strongly committed to providing quality education, informed by research and best learning and teaching practices.
  • PU is firmly committed to the ethical values of fairness, respect, trust, honesty, and responsibility.

Student Conduct

PU students are expected to:

  • Participate actively with the rich academic and social life of the University;
  • Exercise their ownership in the learning and teaching process by fully committing to their learning journey and monitoring their academic progress;
  • Respect and cherish the diversity of the PU community and actively support a safe environment that is discrimination-free and harassment-free;
  • Be strongly committed as a Phoenicia University student to the ethical values of fairness, trust, honesty, responsibility, and mutual respect;
  • Respect and maintain a professional rapport with all University personnel;
  • Respect the facilities and property of the University;
  • Make themselves familiar with University policies and procedures relevant to all particulars of their academic journey and abide by the Univerity rules and regulations;
  • Meet reasonable attendance requirements;
  • Keep their own record of submitted work;
  • Activate and utilize the PU student email account for the duration of enrollment to ensure timely and accurate communication;
  • Demonstrate respect for the natural environment;
  • Refrain from engaging in or committing any general misconduct; and
  • Refrain from engaging in or committing any academic misconduct.

Investigating Misconduct

Allegations of general and/or academic misconduct are investigated in accordance with the procedures prescribed in the “Student Conduct Policy”. In addressing allegations of misconduct, the University follows fair, transparent, and timely procedures in accordance with principles of natural justice, ensuring that all parties are treated fairly and equally.

The Student Discipline Committee is responsible for handling and investigating allegations of general and/or academic misconduct. In doing so, the committee must reach conclusions based on a fair hearing of all parties involved and must—at all times—maintain their privacy and confidentiality.

This is an extract of the “Student Conduct Policy”. The full updated policy is published in the “Student Handbook”.