Career Guidance

Discover Your Path to Success with PU's Career Center

The Phoenicia University's Career Center (PUCC) is focused on continuously assessing the dynamic needs of the job market, and adapting our academic offerings to ensure that our students are exceptionally well-prepared.

The PUCC Career Guidance entails:

- Job and Internship Opportunities:

PUCC provides access to a wealth of job and internship opportunities, ensuring that our students have an array of choices to kick start their career or gain hands-on experience.

- Personalized Career Guidance and Counseling:

 PUCC offers one-on-one sessions to guide and mentor PU students, ensuring a career path that is uniquely tailored to their aspirations.

- Expert Assistance in Crafting Professional Documents:

The PUCC team will help our students create an outstanding CV and cover letter that significantly enhances the chances of landing interviews.

- Interview Preparation:

PUCC equips our students with the needed skills to successfully navigate interviews, giving them an edge in the competitive job market.

- Skill and Competency Assessment:

PUCC assessment helps our students align their academic strengths with the demands of the job market, mapping their career interests and preferences to their academic competencies.

- Career Orientation:

PUCC guidance aids our students in making informed and purposeful career choices that align with their goals and aspirations.

The PUCC offers support in job and internship placement and facilitates connections with prominent local, regional, and international companies. Additionally, the center hosts campus events featuring employers who share insights and conduct workshops to prepare our students for the professional world.