Career Guidance

Phoenicia University’s Career Center (PUCC) strives to help students identify their professional goals and provides them with the necessary skills to enter today’s competitive job market. This begins through carefully assessing the needs of the job market and adapting the university’s academic offerings accordingly. PUCC connects prominent local and international employers with qualified candidates who successfully meet qualifications requirements, and it communicates internships and vacancies to graduates and alumni.

PUCC works with currently enrolled students and PU alumni of all majors. It offers employment services to students and alumni. These services entail the following:

  • Advertising job and internship opportunities
  • Offering one-on-one personalized career guidance and counseling
  • Guiding students through developing a professional CV and cover letter that would enhance their chances of getting selected for an interview
  • Preparing students and graduates for job interviews 
  • Assessing students’ and alumni’s set of skills/knowledge/attitude for the working environment and market demand as well – thereby mapping their career interests and preferences to their academic competencies
  • Providing career orientation to help prospective graduates in making informed and purposeful career choices tailored to their career goals and aspirations
  • Posting reading materials, articles, and videos on PU’s internal online platform that would inspire students in identifying their career objectives and achieve success in their professions
  • Supporting students and alumni in job and internship placement and following-up with the whole application process
  • Facilitating networks with prominent local, regional and international companies and promoting the qualifications of PU students to prospective employers

PUCC holds several events and activities on campus, mainly by:

  • Inviting employers to provide students with insights on possible career paths and opportunities in various fields and sectors
  • Conducting a series of workshops and trainings where students acquire workplace etiquette and proper conduct outside of the academic setting