PU Proudly Attains Petrel and Techlog Software Licenses from Schlumberger

In its continuous pursuit to provide its students with quality education and enhance their learning practices, Phoenicia University (PU) has proudly attained 20 licenses for the Petrel* E&P software and Techlog* wellbore software platforms from Schlumberger—a worldwide provider of technology for reservoir characterization, drilling, production, and processing to the oil and gas industry.

The software will be used to map theory to practice and promote academic excellence in the Department of Petroleum Engineering. The Petrel platform will be integrated in courses related to reservoir exploitation and simulation while the Techlog platform is to be adopted in courses concerned with the aggregation of wellbore information. Accordingly, petroleum engineering students’ educational journey will be enhanced as they develop their knowledge and skills as well as become more familiar with utilizing the advanced programs needed in the field.

Phoenicia University is grateful for Schlumberger support and the company’s trust in the university’s mission to deliver top-notch education using cutting-edge software.


* Mark of Schlumberger