Program Educational Objectives

PEO1: Impart on students’ proper understanding of the theoretical, technical, and practical aspects of relevant disciplines of design. 

PEO2: Encourage the development of an individual approach to design (without imposing one single design philosophy and without falling back on “styles” and formalist approaches). 

PEO3: Stimulate and cultivate the creative power of each student.

PEO4: Acquaint students with technical and intellectual competencies, individual capabilities, and contemporary design approaches.  

PEO5: Provide a broad-based learning experience that prepares students for careers in the professional practice of architecture as it relates to the general culture and liberal arts.

PEO6: Enhance students’ social and environmental responsibility by contributing to creating environments that improve quality of life, increase productivity, preserve the environment, and protect the health, welfare, and safety of the public at large.

PEO7: Promote students’ appreciation of innovation, intellectual scholarship, craftsmanship and technology, and collective approach to design and engineering undertaking.