1. Scholarships and Research Fund Portfolio 
    • Supporting scholarships for excelling students from low socioeconomic status (SES) backgrounds​
    • Supporting scholarships for differently-abled students and students with special needs
    • Creating research funds to inquire and generate insights into specific topics, social causes, and communal issues
  2. Marketing and Communication
    • Creating publications, annual reports, and annual fund letters
    •  Crafting gift proposals and agreements and creating content for presentations for various constituencies
  3. Alumni Relations/Affairs (A common portfolio with the Alumni Office)
    • ​Organizing fundraising events
    • Creating community-based campaigns 
    • Advancing marketing and public relations
  4. Partnerships with foundations and community-based organizations
    • Developing mutual and reciprocal partnerships between the University and interested organizations and foundations, including-but not limited to-sharing experiences, allowing access to facilities, creating initiatives, and organizing awareness campaigns to tackle communal issues/topics