Our Approach

Our Approach: Trainee-Centered and Need-Driven

The CCE provides organizations, teams, and individuals with the effective means to develop new capabilities, improve current performance, and acquire lifelong learning and self-directed learning skills for more effective and efficient practice.
Various learning and teaching methods are utilized to engage learners, including:

  • lecture-based learning,
  • problem-based learning,
  • team-based learning,
  • project-based learning,
  • small-group-based learning,
  • reflection-based learning (including storytelling), and
  • inquiry-based learning (including completing research tasks).  

Similar to the learning and teaching methods, our assessment methods are diversified, covering:

  • formative assessment (including diagonstic testing),
  • summative assessment,
  • individual presentations,
  • group presentations,
  • portfolios,
  • reflective assessment,
  • learning logs, and
  • research-based tasks.

CCE Program Objectives Aligned with Business Objectives

  1. Identify Gaps and Opportunities: We collaborate with senior leaders to understand the situation as it stands from an internal lens before utilizing our external lens. We can also perform a competency assessment on your target group to pinpoint the issues and gaps within your organization in order to draft a program to address those specific needs.
  2. Build a Custom Curriculum: CCE faculty and staff work with key personnel in your organization to craft a proposal for a curriculum that works to solve specific issues or achieve identifiable objectives.
  3. Collaborate as Partners: Collaboration continues after the initial development of the proposed curriculum to fine-tune the best possible program for your organization. 
  4. Follow up on Results: Post-program assessments ensure that a high impact was made through the custom program curriculum. By examining the results of the program, we measure the lasting effect of lessons learned and how they are being applied.