Message from the Interim-Dean

Warm greetings and welcome to the College of Public Health at Phoenicia University. The college houses a vibrant community of students and faculty that is dedicated to promoting equitable health and well-being across populations in Lebanon and beyond. 

The College of Public Health offers students a comprehensive and unparalleled educational experience in two distinguished undergraduate degrees - Public Health and Speech Therapy. Our faculty includes experienced academics and professionals who are committed to providing students with the needed set of knowledge, skills, and competencies that allow them to positively impact the health and well-being of individuals, families, communities, populations, and societies in Lebanon.

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health equips students with the fundamental principles and practices of public health to tackle health-related challenges and disparities in communities across Lebanon, the region, and the world. Driven by the interdisciplinary nature of public health, our curriculum combines the theoretical and practical aspects of nutrition, health promotion, and education with communications and project management, laying the foundation for graduate studies or practice in public health or other health-related professions. 

The Bachelor of Arts in Speech Therapy synergizes clinical and professional training alongside academic study to prepare students to become speech and language therapists, serving Lebanon and the wider region. Our Speech Therapy curriculum is benchmarked against leading international standards, providing students with a thorough and comprehensive education in various aspects of speech and language pathology, including human anatomy, physiology, linguistics, psychology, and communication disorders, among others. 

 I invite you to explore our student-centered programs and join us on this exciting journey to shape the future of public health in Lebanon, the region, and the globe.

Zahi AbdelSater, PhD