Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Marketing is one of the most critical functions in organizations. It provides the competitive edge needed for growth in today's competitive economies. As such, Marketing graduates are in high demand for a variety of careers in business and industry. Students majoring in Marketing will study market and marketing research, advertising, promotion, product and brand management, retail management, distribution, marketing research, sales and sales management. These courses will provide the skills needed for careers and jobs as Advertising Manager, Marketing Director, Public Relations Specialist, Product Manager, Sales and Client Representative. PU's Marketing courses are taught by qualified and experienced faculty members who believe in personalized attention for their students. Faculty members are actively involved in applied research projects and professional organizations that keep them current with their areas of expertise.

The entrepreneurship concentration focuses on many aspects of the business functions. The field of entrepreneurship is one that relies heavily on the ability to adapt to change and exploit new markets and opportunities. Students who select the entrepreneurship track are usually business-oriented and seek to develop their own business, rather than entering an existing business. Successful entrepreneurs and new business owners should know that even the best ideas will go nowhere without a plan - and that the best plans will go nowhere without the will and skill to execute them. As such, the entrepreneurship concentration in the College of Business at PU is designed to give students the knowledge and skills needed to prepare a executable plan for your new ideas and new business ventures.