Launching “PUre Water” Service

The supply of annual rainfall in Lebanon is in abundance. Nonetheless, clean and fit water sources available for the Lebanese community’s use are very scarce.  According to the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute, water pollution in Lebanon has reached alarmingly high and dangerous rates. The need to address this environmental and health problem and provide effective measures to tackle it is of pressing urgency.

Accordingly, Phoenicia University has taken the initiative and is pleased to launch “PUre Water”, a free-of-charge water quality testing service utilizing its state-of-the art environmental laboratory, located on PU campus. Through such service, PU started the collaboration with neighboring municipalities (Arzay, Bablieh, Ghasanieh, Insarieh, Kharayeb, Loubieh and Zrarieh) in the South of Lebanon in order to test water samples and assess the cleanliness and the water quality of different ground wells, tankers, etc. Water samples are to be examined with a time frame of approximately four months for different quality parameters (physicochemical, bacteriological, etc.) by specialists and graduates in the field to identify sources of usable water, and, hence, lessen the Southern community’s challenges to access clean water.

Through this initiative, PU will make the community better informed about its water resources as it tackles the water pollution crisis and identifies sustainable solutions and measures. Such an initiative is a reflection of PU’s strong commitment towards the society and the environment through the pursuit, dissemination, and application of knowledge in such contexts.

Environmental health is a matter that ought to concern all individuals, organizations, and institutions. PU will continue to invest efforts to improve the health and well-being of not only its local community, but also regional and international ones.