International Agreements

PU has forged partnerships with esteemed universities worldwide, including the renowned University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley), through its Summer Session Program. This program has proven to be a remarkable avenue for our students to augment their academic journey. Furthermore, PU has established agreements with various universities for student exchange programs, faculty exchange programs, and executive education. Notable among these institutions are the University of Edinburgh, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Michigan State University (MSU), University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), University of Central Oklahoma (UCO), and California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB).

In addition, PU is actively pursuing collaborations with other globally esteemed universities to expand its academic offerings and provide enhanced opportunities for students to partake in a global education experience.

The GOIA office remains steadfast in its dedication to supporting and facilitating these endeavors, thereby amplifying PU's global impact and reach.