From English PBLs to International Best Practices

For the purpose of making English courses more interactive, engaging, and meaningful, the English Department at Phoenicia University has adopted the project-based learning (PBL) approach. Over the years, PU students have used this opportunity to showcase their creativity, apply their English language capabilities to real-life settings, and even compete against their peers over whose project is the best.

Fortunately, the instructors’ and students’ efforts did not only liven up the language and composition courses, but they have also invited international attention. In fact, PU is pleased to announce that Dr. Ahmad Samarji, Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, has recently published a book chapter about our PBL approach in Volume 27 of the international series: Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning, published by Emerald Publishing, one of the most elite publishers worldwide.

Dr. Samarji’s book chapter is titled “The PBL approach in an EFL Setting: Maximizing Students’ Engagement and Humanizing their Experiences”, and it reflects students' experiences with the PBL method and how it has impacted their attitude towards learning the English language.

The full book chapter can be accessed via the following link:

As thrilled as Phoenicia University is that this practice has been recognized internationally, our greatest achievements are and will always be seeing our PU community receiving the quality education our institution has promised from day one.