College of Engineering


The COE’s vision is to be recognized as a center of excellence in teaching, learning and research in engineering serving Lebanon, the Middle East and the world.


The COE’s mission is to educate and graduate distinctive and well-rounded engineers with highly sought-after technical, intellectual, interpersonal, and communication skills, who aspire to become leaders for the betterment of the profession and the sustainable growth of society.


Within the first several years after graduation, engineering graduates of the College of Engineering at Phoenicia University are expected to:

  • Stand out as engineering professionals with utmost theoretical and practical knowledge, coupled with critical thinking and problem-solving mindsets, to provide creative, effective, innovative and efficient solutions to real-world engineering challenges for the significant betterment of the modern society and its surrounding environment.
  • Exhibit acute leadership abilities with well-rounded personalities and with a cross-section of hard and soft skills.
  • Clearly manifest ethical and professional conduct in the service of the community, the environment, and the profession.