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Summary: ScienceDirect is the leading platform of peer-reviewed literature.

Description: ScienceDirect provides access to more than 16 million articles, 2,500 journals, 250 full open access journals, 39,000 books and 330,000 topic pages to help researchers discover more insights, achieve more breakthroughs and move their research forward.

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Asian Academy of Management Journal

SummaryThe Asian Academy of Management Journal (AAMJ) is a refereed journal that is jointly published by the Asian Academy of Management (AAM) and Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Description: The Asian Academy of Management Journal provides forums for academicians and practitioners who are interested in the discussion of current and future issues and challenges impacting the Asian Management as well as promoting and disseminating relevant, high quality research in the field of management. The journal has an established and long history of publishing quality research findings from researchers not only in the Asian region but also globally. It is a journal published by an APEX university and currently available in EBSCO and Scopus databases.


Australasian Journal of Information Systems

Summary: The Australasian Journal of Information Systems (AJIS) publishes high quality contributions to theory and practice in the global Information Systems (IS) discipline.

Description: The Australasian Journal of Information Systems is particularly interested in IS knowledge drawn from or applied to Australasia and in the Asia-Pacific region. The journal welcomes submissions on research and conceptual development based in a very wide range of inquiry methods, ways of thinking and modes of expression. AJIS has been published since 1993.

LinkAustralasian Journal of Information Systems

Construction Economics and Building

Summary: Construction Economics and Building (formerly known as the Australasian Journal of Construction Economics and Building [AJCEB]) is a peer reviewed, open access journal.

Description: Construction Economics and Building publishes original research into all aspects of the economics and management of building and construction, quantity surveying and property management as well as construction education.

LinkConstruction Economics and Building

Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues

Summary: Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, serving as a platform to foster multi/interdisciplinary innovations.

Description: Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues brings together the research communities and the end-users being affected. It is where theory meets practice, evident in the authors being experts across the industrial value chain – including business visionaries, regulatory and standards bodies, and especially pan-European networking through public and private sector partnerships (PPPs). Accepted papers present outcomes of initiatives and findings across all fields of science and technology, especially social sciences and humanities. Multi/interdisciplinary approach is encouraged. Recent additions to the already well-accomplished editorial board includes experts from the energy and information and communication technologies (ICT) sectors, particularly focused on advances to the state of the arts in environmental sustainability developments. This journal publishes original research papers that are rich with case studies of modern demonstrations, presenting innovative solutions to socio-economic and socio-technical problems that plague modern societies. It is a journal that is positioned as collaborative platform where theory meets practice, which is accomplished by publishing authors who’ve uncovered new linkages between data formulation and the underpinning theories, cases, observations, and validated hypotheses arising from the analysis of that data.

LinkEntrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues

IIMB Management Review

Summary: IIMB Management Review (IMR) is a quarterly journal brought out by the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

Description: IMR aims to engage rigorously with practices, concepts and ideas in the field of management, with an emphasis on providing managerial insights, in a reader friendly format. To this end IMR invites manuscripts that provide novel managerial insights in any of the core business functions.

LinkIIMB Management Review

Journal of Applied Economic Sciences Quarterly

Summary: The Journal of Applied Economic Sciences Quarterly principal purpose is the provision of a forum for the dissemination of empirical economics researches, applied theories and other matters of interest in economics to researchers and practitioners in various subject realms connected to the broad theme of economics, business, management, accounting, finance, and information technologies. 

Description: The Journal of Applied Economic Sciences Quarterly subject areas include, but are not restricted to:

  • Quantitative and qualitative research methodology and practice
  • Strategic, public sector and human resource management
  • Entrepreneurship and Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SME's)
  • Marketing and e-Business
  • Economics, finance and financial management
  • Organizational theory and behavior
  • Supply chain management
  • Information systems, technology, innovation and operations management
  • Educational management and leadership


Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business

SummaryThe Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business (JISIB) is a double blinded peer reviewed open access journal published by Halmstad University, Sweden. Its mission is to help facilitate and publish original research, conference proceedings and book reviews.

DescriptionJISIB is a peer-reviewed, no-fee Open Access Journal. The journal publishes articles on topics including market intelligence, marketing intelligence, strategic intelligence, business intelligence, competitive intelligence, collective intelligence, financial intelligence, scientific and technical intelligence, foresight, insight, and equivalent terms in other languages. JISIB occupies a niche. It currently caters to a group of scholars made up of over 200 active individuals spread around the world. It is supported by an estimated 5,000 practitioners and caters to specific conferences (ICI, ECIS, SIIE, VSST, SCIP, ITICTI, EBRF, ECKM, AIM) where both academics and practitioners meet regularly. These conferences produce over 300 papers annually, of which over 40 are potentially full-length, scientific articles. JISIB publishes three issues a year made up of between five and seven articles and 55+ pages.


Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research

Summary: The Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research (JTAER) has been created to allow researchers, academicians and other professionals an agile and flexible channel of communication in which to share and debate new ideas and emerging technologies concerned with this rapidly evolving field.

Description: The Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research is published quarterly. The intended audience includes academicians, researchers and professionals in computer science, information management, telecommunications, business administration, sociology, law, financial services, as well as specialists in the field of electronic commerce. Business practices, social, cultural and legal concerns, personal privacy and security, communications technologies, mobile connectivity are among the important elements of electronic commerce and are becoming ever more relevant in everyday life.


Problems and Perspectives in Management Journal

Summary: The Problems and Perspectives in Management Journal is an open access and double blind peer-reviewed journal. It is published in English with quarterly frequency, in Sumy (Ukraine).

Description: The purpose of the journal is coverage of different aspects of management and governance, such as international organizations and communities’ management, state and regional governance, company’s management, etc. The key aspects of planning, organization, motivation and control in various areas and in different countries are subject of the journal's scope. The journal publishes articles, which are focused on existing and new methods, techniques and approaches in the field of management. It publishes contemporary and innovative researches, including theoretical and empirical research papers.

Key topics:

  • Organizations and Organizational Behavior
  • Decision-making Process, Criteria, Principles, Models
  • Information and Uncertainty, Econometric and Statistical Methods in Management
  • Data Collection and Data Estimation
  • Forecasting and Simulation at Macro- and Micro- levels
  • Business Administration and Business Economics
  • Firm Strategy and Market Performance
  • Company’s Aims, Organization, and Behavior
  • Personnel Management, Conflicts, Negotiations
  • Technological Changes Management and Economic Development Management
  • Industries Management
  • Structure and Scope of Government
  • International Institutional Arrangements, Contracts, Security, Conflicts

LinkProblems and Perspectives in Management