College of Architecture and Design

Officers of the College:
- Sinan Hassan, Acting Dean

The College of Architecture and Design (CAD) at Phoenicia University (PU) is committed to provide students with the highest standards of education and academic opportunities through cultivating and fostering creativity, intellectual inquiry and breadth of theoretical and practical knowledge, interdisciplinary collaboration, critical and analytical thinking, technical and craftsmanship skills, as well as visual and verbal communication skills. The College intends to eventually make this program a world-class program, taught by internationally recognized scholars and architects with proven record of excellence in teaching, research, and practice. The College’s planned strategy is to equip students with critically-based approaches to innovative architecture, supporting them with all the skills and proficiencies necessary for academic and professional excellence and for the noble goal of creating a sustainable and quality human environment.

The College is led by a Dean who oversees the multidisciplinary department: Department of Architecture. The multiple faculty participation will offer opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration.

The College of Architecture and Design (CAD) offers one degree:

  • Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)



The College of Architecture and Design has the calculated ambition of offering one of the distinguished programs at local, national as well as regional levels. The College intends to enable and equip students with basic and fundamental design principles while trying to cultivate their skills in order to help them reach their full potential. The College stresses essential hands-on making skills, visual intelligence, problem solving and rational planning and engineering skills, critical as well as analytical thinking, verbal and visual communication skills in addition to teamwork and leadership skills. As such, the College’s mission is to foster responsible, mature, sensible, innovative and well-rounded architects and designers.


  • Impart on students’ proper understanding of the theoretical, technical, and practical aspects of relevant disciplines of design
  • Encourage the development of an individual approach to design (without imposing one single design philosophy and without falling back on “styles” and formalist approaches)
  • Stimulate and cultivate the creative power of each student
  • Acquaint students with technical and intellectual competencies, individual capabilities, and contemporary design approaches
  • Provide a broad-based learning experience that prepares students for careers in the professional practice of architecture as they relate to general culture and liberal arts
  • Enhance the students’ social and environmental responsibility by contributing to creating environments that improve quality of life, increase productivity, preserve the environment, and protect the health, welfare, and safety of the public at large
  • Promote students’ appreciation of innovation, intellectual scholarship, craftsmanship and technology, and collective approach to design and engineering undertaking



The College of Architecture and Design offers the following degrees: