Certificate and Diploma Programs

Our Range of Short Courses

The CCE offers a range of diplomas, certificates, and professional development courses in the following areas:

Entrepreneurship: Leadership:
Social Entrepreneurship Executive and Leadership Development
Creativity and Innovation Leadership for Emerging Leaders
  Team Dynamics and Team Building
Human Resources Management: Leading Change and Innovation
Human Resources Best Practices Strategic Decision and Risk Management
Performance Management and Measurement Leading in Crisis Situations
Data Science Marketing:
Introduction to Data Analysis Marketing Planning Process
Data Analysis for Decision Making Marketing Communications
Data Analysis and Interpretation Marketing Budgets and Forecasts
  Branding and Brand Management
Healthcare: Digital Marketing
Healthcare Leadership and Administration  
Child Development from a Public Health Lens Sales:
Public Health and Public Safety Customer Service Excellence
Public Health and Sustainability Transforming into a Customer Centric Organization
Introduction to Speech Therapy Sales and Selling Techniques
Professionalism in Nursing Practice Customer Care
Mental Health First Aid  
  English for Specific Purpose (ESP)
Education: Business English
STEM Education English for Admissions (TOEFL, IELTS, Aptis, GRE, etc.)
ICT in Education (ICTE)  
Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (MKT) Communication:
English Learning and Teaching Digital Literacy and Social Media
Education Leadership Business Etiquette
Tertiary Education (Teaching at Universities) Presentation Skills
  Negotiation and Conflict Management
  Public Speaking


Professional Certificates

A Professional Certificate from the Center for Continuing Education at Phoenicia University signifies successful completion of in-depth study in a specific professional field. We offer a range of programs, where each program consists of six courses to be completed within a one-year period. A sample of our programs are listed below:

  • Accounting and Finance Diploma: Through this professional diploma, the candidate attains the ability to interpret financial information in order to make the right business decisions.
  • Courses covered: Accounting and Budgeting, Auditing, Taxation Cost Accounting and Control, Financial Management, Financial Planning and Analysis.
  • Human Resource Management Diploma: This certificate program is targeted to people working in the human resource field to cultivate and develop their professional expertise and competencies.
  • Courses covered: Essentials of Human Resource Management, Employee Recruitment and Selection, Performance Measurement and Management, Leadership Skills, Organizational Behavior, Employee Empowerment and Motivation.
  • Project Management Diploma: This program is designed for professionals that benefit from project management skills through their careers.
  • Courses covered: Principles of Management, Essentials of Project Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Project Feasibility, Project Control, PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam Preparation.
  • Leadership Management Diploma: This diploma is designed to expose experienced leaders to the latest concepts in general management and leadership practices, and help them transform their own leadership approach to successfully deliver responsible, sustainable growth for their organizations.
  • Courses covered: Principles of Management, Leadership Skills, Best Practices in Human Capital Management, Building High Performing Teams, Strategic Executive Leadership, Organizational Behavior.
  • Marketing and Sales Diploma: This program is designed for candidates who want to capture the marketing management fundamentals and pursue their career in marketing and sales management.
  • Courses covered: Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Sales and Selling Techniques, Marketing Communications and Advertising, Customer Relationship Management, Service Marketing.
  • Professional Communication for Business Diploma: This program is designed for professionals and candidates who aim to acquire communication skills they need in the workplace and various professional contexts.
  • Courses covered: Business Protocol and Etiquette, International Business Communication, Effective Public Speaking Skills), Negotiation and Conflict Management and International Business Culture.

Additionally, the CCE covers the following professional certification programs: PHR, GPHR, CFA, CPA, PMP and CMA.


Business English Program

A range of courses are designed for students who are employed or envisage employment at a company/organization where a professional level of English language is required. The Business English program comprises a number of courses which can be taken separately or as a series of courses within a structured specialization:

  • English for Effective Business Writing: This course aims to develop your Business English writing skills by prompting your use of vocabulary, grammar, understanding of different business writing genres, and your ability to write professional business documents. After completing this course, you will be able to:
    • adapt content to purpose, context and audience,
    • write business emails, executive summaries, and memos,
    • appreciate business etiquette and netiquette in your writing (e.g.  format, style, tone, immediacy, and choice of words).
    • produce business documents, and
    • write persuasively in English.
  • English for Effective Business Speaking: This course aims to develop your Business English speaking skills by prompting your use of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, spoken communication skills within a business context, and your understanding of speaking genres, tones, and style.  After completing this course, you will be able to:
    • adapt content to purpose, context and audience,
    • speak persuasively in English,
    • deliver professional business speeches for specific purposes,
    • conduct effective job interviews,
    • give persuasive business pitches,
    • deliver informative business presentations, and
    • employ appropriate body language and tone of speaking for business purposes.
  • Capstone Project: This course is the culmination of your journey through the Business English specialization. It is aimed at applying the written and spoken skills that you have acquired through the previous courses (English for Effective Business Writing and English for Effective Business Speaking) to an authentic business situation. Students will be able to choose a business case study or use an example from their own work experience in order to:
    • prepare a presentation that analyzes the case and provides recommendations and
    • produce a business recommendation report—including an executive summary— to coincide with the presentation.