Alumni Stories

Aya Sahmarani

When I first applied to study law at Phoenicia University in 2015, I had no idea what to expect. However, it became clear from day one that the College of Law at PU was very adamant to shape its students into leaders in their domain.

I had the chance to meet and be taught by leading law professors in Lebanon. They were very accessible and knowledgeable, and I have greatly benefited from their practical experience as judges and lawyers.

 In Summer 2019, I had the opportunity to do my internship at a well-known legal firm. Not only did I gain valuable insights concerned with the practical nature of my field, but I was also provided with support and guidance to develop my interpersonal and professional skills.

To add to that, my peers and I recently took part in the “Price Media Law Pre-Moot Court Competition – Middle East Rounds”. We managed to win against students from other universities in Lebanon, and we have qualified to participate in the “International Monroe E. Price Media Law Moot Competition” at the University of Oxford.

None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for PU’s efforts to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to stand out and succeed in their fields.

Julia Kassem

If I can give one piece of advice as a PU graduate to my undergraduate peers, it would be to take full advantage of their time at Phoenicia University. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join clubs you’re interested in. I was a business student, and I had a blast organizing fun events with “Clubmania”. Make sure you engage in competitions. Winning 2019’s On-Campus Hult Prize Competition gave me the opportunity to pitch a business idea in Jordan! Studying is very important, but university is also a place to grow and to discover yourself. Don’t hesitate to pursue your interests, and be confident that PU will support you in every step of your journey!

Khadija Chour

Knowledge, diversity, and quality. Those are the three key terms I would use to describe my years of study at Phoenicia University. Having the chance to learn from qualified instructors of different backgrounds and with vast knowledge has changed the way I view the world. I am grateful for their guidance and their efforts to help us grow and mature intellectually, professionally, and personally. I also made friendships that would last a lifetime. We overcame our different backgrounds and upbringing and shared valuable moments and life lessons together. Thank you Phoenicia University for the education, the experiences, and the memories.

Nadine Orabi

Three years ago, people often asked me, “why did you choose Phoenicia University?" Although it was newly established, I was confident that the effort put by PU academics and staff would pay off. Indeed, the PU community became a family; we rejoiced together in times of celebrations, and supported one another in times of stress.

Throughout my bachelor studies at Phoenicia University, I was assigned to intern at two leading banks in Lebanon. This internship experience gave me a glimpse into the sort of career life I wanted to pursue. Naturally, after my graduation, I sought to find a job in similar fields. Thanks to the PU Career Center, I was able to land the position of HR Officer at Third Party Engineering, a lab for testing construction materials. My duties include organizing and administering staff consultation and grievance procedures, interviewing and recruiting potential candidates, negotiating settlements of appeals and disputes, and coordinating termination of employment processes.

I have now found myself in a professional environment with supportive managers and team members. My thanks and gratitude go to my esteemed instructors and the Career Center for preparing me to join the professional field.

Doha Koteich

In 2015, I applied to the College of Business at Phoenicia University because I wanted to study something I was passionate about.

Little did I know that the time I would spend there would help me grow so much on the professional and the personal levels. I can truly say that this experience has exceeded my expectations. I have met professors who are exemplary in their teaching styles. The friendly attitude of the faculty and staff and their willingness to always offer a helping hand has made me feel as part of the PU family.
In the summer of 2017, the PU Career Center prepared students to sit for an interview, right around the time that they had to do their internships. Through their assistance and follow up, I was placed as a part-time administrative coordinator at a startup company.  Following my graduation, I have continued to work at that company – but on a full time basis.

I am very grateful for how much PU has helped me develop my skills and for directing me in taking the first steps towards professional and career growth. I am genuinely proud to be a PU graduate.

Mohamad Fakhoury

I enrolled in Phoenicia University in 2015 to study business accounting and finance. I applied to the Work Study Program and worked as the supervisor of the gymnasium. Such a responsibility helped me develop my organization, coordination, and communication skills. Moreover, and for three consecutive years, I was elected as the President of the Business Society. Not only did this post give me the chance to practice and enhance my leadership and planning skills, but it also allowed me to work with my peers to create events and organize workshops for the society. When it was time to do my internship, I was fortunate enough to be assigned to train at KPMG, one of the most prestigious auditing firms in the world. I can safely say that it was a remarkable experience to step foot into the professional world of business.

At PU, I was fortunate enough to meet new friends who shared my passion for hiking and camping. We ended up trekking Al- Makmal Mountain in North Lebanon and climbing the Black Peak (Qurnet el Sawda) where we planted the Lebanese flag on 3089 m above sea level – on the highest peak in the Levant.

Now that I have graduated from PU, I have started to prepare for CMA certification to continue my studies, and I am training for the Lebanese Mountain Trail Challenge. My dream is to be a professional mountaineer and a successful business professional leading a multi-national corporation. I want to make my family, university, and country proud.

Aya Fawaz

Enrolling in Phoenicia University was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Not only did I get to study a major that really suits me, but I also got to meet new people that have changed my life. Be it professors, students, or even staff members, each have highly impacted me and molded me into the person I am today. PU has exposed me to people of diverse ethnicities, backgrounds, races and nationalities. Such diversity has shaped my perspectives on a number of matters that directly or indirectly impact my life.

I knew that college life would change my personality, as I would learn new things and meet new people. Nonetheless, I never thought that I would grow as much as I have. I remember how I used to sit quietly when discussions and arguments were being tossed around, wondering whether I should participate or not. Now, however, I can join in on the discussions that are being held, no matter what the topic is. In the classrooms, I was molded into saying what I was thinking and not be held down by opinions that aren't mine. For example, gender and feminism are areas that I have become very informed about and that have changed the way I lead my life.

Leaders are not born; they are crafted, and that is how PU leads by example.