Workshop Overview






 In compliance with PU’s mission to deliver excellent education and strengthen its standing as one of the top higher education institutions in Lebanon and the region, the English Department organized its first workshop titled “Teacher Education Symposium: Exploring Context in English Language” on Monday, April 17. The workshop was addressed to English instructors and coordinators, of different public schools and grade levels, in the South of Lebanon. Its main purpose was to focus on learners’ speaking skills by identifying common speaking problems, offering possible solutions and highlighting essential implementation strategies. It also aimed to develop a solid understanding of the importance of English oral communication skills. Our aim, as educators, is to acquaint students with the necessary skills to communicate competently, effectively and clearly.

Several workshops were held throughout the day and were facilitated by the Head and instructors of PU’s English Department. They focused on the importance of creating a safe learning environment for speaking, as well as exploring the different types of speaking activities. In addition, facilitators emphasized the significance of phonemic awareness and the knowledge of different vowels and consonant blends. The day ended with a workshop about the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education. 


       Lana Zeaiter                                    
       English Language Instructor