A Message from the Editor-in-Chief






April was a very busy month for students and faculty as they prepared and engaged in multiple initiatives that would prompt their academic and professional experiences.This month’s issue will highlight a number of events that took place on PU campus and that reflect the PU community’s unwavering efforts to excel in all domains.

In regards to the university’s academic departments and professional services, the English department held a workshop that invited educators from the region to address the gaps and frequent struggles of teaching English as a second language and to offer practical solutions. Moreover, the PU Career Center managed to allocate students in a number of notable institutions as interns.

Meanwhile, clubs and societies chose to spread awareness and shed light on environmental and psychological matters that concern our community.

The highlight of the month culminated in the Engineering Week event that brought together students of different colleges to participate in activities and debates that demonstrate their creativity and intellectual abilities.

All students and faculty are encouraged to express their insights by sending entries to newsletter@pu.edu.lb


Hana Dakwar