Message From The Dean

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the College of Engineering at Phoenicia University, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you. Our mission starts with the premise that the aspiring engineering leaders of tomorrow are typically highly ambitious men and women with big dreams. They are predisposed to go the extra mile in the pursuit of their noble goals. In that spirit, we are deeply committed to jumpstart the leadership career of our engineering students.

Indeed, we carefully screen our incoming students via customized entrance exams that have high reliability and validity. We meticulously design our curriculum and we scrupulously deliver a markedly rigorous, yet highly stimulating learning environment that meets the complex demands of today’s highly dynamic globalized marketplace. We thoroughly emphasize experiential learning that integrates theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on experience. We greatly value personal integrity, professional responsibility, and environmental sustainability. In the same vein, we judiciously select the highly distinguished faculty members who are eminently qualified to convey a very high level of tacit and explicit knowledge to our students.

A distinctive feature of our engineering programs is the desire to form well-rounded engineering leaders who are able to seamlessly maneuver the global arena with ease and elegance. Accordingly, our learning goals span well-beyond functional expertise. They also encompass communication, interpersonal and conceptual skills. In other words, we recognize that engineering leaders are not merely highly competent experts who could effectively design relevant products and offer valuable services. They are also moral professionals who could effectively lead a team and, accordingly, orchestrate positive changes that significantly add value to the profession and the community.

At the completion of the B.E. degree requirements in the College of Engineering at Phoenicia University, our students will be utterly prepared to join the Engineering Order and effectively practice their professions in the Lebanese market. More pertinently, however, they will be equipped with the right tools and the right skills to be leaders of international notoriety. They will be eminently conditioned to enter the globalized professional world and to pursue (if they wish to do so) further graduate studies in the most prestigious universities in the world.

- Karim Rebeiz, Ph.D.