How PU Went BLUE!








“Support Autism and Leave a Fingerprint,” “Light It Up Blue,” “Increase Your Awareness” were our calls for PUneers on Tuesday, the 11th of April, where Speech Therapy students launched their Society of Speech and Language Pathology. On that day, the campus went blue – from balloons, lights, and food to outfits of staff and students – in celebration of Autism Awareness Month.

Speech Therapy students signed up for their membership while the PU student body supported the cause by literally leaving their dipped-in-blue-ink finger/hand print on our stand and wearing blue ribbons on their clothes. Moreover, students of different majors showed interest in knowing more about autism to which the members of our society gladly answered their inquiries.

Dr. Raoul Nap, Dean of the College of Public Health, and his academic assistant, Ms. Sahar Issa, passed by and expressed their support and gratitude for the students’ efforts.

We hope that through raising awareness and accepting others our world will become a better place.

Our special thanks go to the Students Affairs department for their help!


Fatima Hashem - Yasmine Khalil - Saja Fawaz - Hiba Tormos - Mona Sbeity
Speech Therapy Students