Exploring Humanitarian Forensics with Dr. Samarji

Dr. Ahmad Samarji, the Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, has co-authored an article about humanitarian forensics with Dr. Dina Shokry, the President of the Arab Union of Forensics and Toxicology (AUFT). This article sheds light on humanitarian forensics as an emerging field that deals with dead people (bodies or remains) and missing persons within war zones,  natural disasters sites, or while migrating.

In developing this article, the authors collaborated with Dr. Morris Tidball-Binz, the Forensic Manager of the International Committee of the Red Cross’ Missing Persons Project in Geneva, Switzerland.

The article is published by The Conversation – US edition. The Conversation is a global network of newsrooms that offer in-depth analysis, research, news, and ideas from leading academics and researchers across the globe. The Conversation started as an Australian initiative in 2011 and now publishes in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Indonesia, Africa, and Spain.

The link to the full article is available here