Engineering Week







It's the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year: Engineering Week!

While we all love the holiday season, we were looking forward to another one of our favorite times of the year. During the spring semester, we engage in a celebration of our profession, sharing our passion for engineering with everyone, from students to faculty members, through the Engineering Week.

 In order to celebrate engineering at Phoenicia University, a five-day event featuring activities and speakers was created. The opening day was set on Monday, April 24, and included hands-on activities such as robots, construction of bridges using sticks and paste, and weight force experiments.

 On Wednesday, April 26, a debate competition was held between the engineering and public health students titled “Engineering Technology in Public Health.” PU members gathered in the auditorium to see how each team will use their knowledge to provide the best answers. At the end, the judge panel chose the engineering team to be the winner.

The next couple of days witnessed the elections for the President of the Society of Engineering. The two candidates running for the position were Leila Maana and Rola Ibrahim. Each of them delivered a speech presenting their proposals, and explaining why they would be the best fit for the presidential role. The election process was very smooth and students struggled to choose between these two qualified candidates. Nonetheless, on Friday, April 28, Leila Maana was elected as president with only a minor difference.

Many thanks go to our advisor, Dr. Mohamad Zbib, for supervising the event and making sure it was a successful one. Our hard work has paid off as we had an enjoyable experience. Can’t wait for next year!


Mirna Kdouh                   
Civil Engineering Student