Duraid Lahham speaks about life and dreams

On Tuesday, May 17, PU community had the privilege to attend a live interview, conducted by one of its very own students Ms. Kawthar Suleiman, with one of the leading figures of Arab comedy, Mr. Duraid Lahham. The questions gave a good insight about Lahham’s impressive personal and professional journey. His witty humor absorbed the large and attentive audience. Attendees both laughed and cried. Although his words were filled with sharp wit; however, his strong emotions also caused the tears to unconsciously flow.

At the end, the audience gave him a standing ovation. Lahham received an honorary plaque from the president of PU, Prof. Imad Zbib. Two students also offered him bouquets of flowers as a simple gesture of appreciation. Everyone left the auditorium feeling both entertained and inspired to pursue their personal legends and overcome fear and obstacles.

Mr. Lahham addressed students as the future generation and gave them a powerful life message to strive for their dreams.