College of Engineering


The College of Engineering at Phoenicia University (PU) is intended to educate the engineers who contribute to the growth and the well-being of the society by serving with the utmost standards of professionalism and with the utmost consideration for humanitarian values. This goal is to be accomplished through the design and execution of distinctively high quality engineering education.

The College of Engineering offers the bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Communication Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering.


The goals of the College of Engineering are as follows:

  • To equip the engineering students with the theoretical and practical knowledge that provide effective solutions to real-world engineering challenges
  • To form humanitarian and well-rounded engineers who are not only well-versed in functional skills, but also in conceptual and interpersonal skills
  • To encourage engineering students to think in terms of humanitarian values by emphasizing professional responsibilities, leadership and ethical issues


The College of Engineering offers the following degree: